sign up and sign using hashed password instead of ...
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hey @rp , is it possible to send bcrypt hashed password into the default sign in middleware from supertokens? so password value would be hashed using bcrypt, instead of sending plain text passwords like this:
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    "formFields": [
            "id": "email",
            "value": ""
            "id": "password",
            "value": "$2a$11$Ri5J/J2Vkaawg9c5zj2ihubnEg8YaS8jY.Qs7THtD.ZvwZXea8r4K"
or we could just override the original implementation from this doc? and get the hashed password from the FE, and decrypt it in the backend? and override the values there?
you can't really decrypt a hash..
but you can override the function to call the password hash import API instead when the input is a password hash
checkout our migration docs
great, thanks let me check the migration docs