05/02/2023, 12:39 AM
I am trying to deploy my supertokens app to a webserver. Are there any guides for deploying a supertokens app to a webserver? When I run NPM build, it only bundles up the src code (this is good) however, I also need the API code and api-server.js. However, if I just drop this on my server, then it is visible to the internet. For example, here is my project structure (this is the same structure that comes with the starter supertokens react app): /ApiRoutes (my folder) /DatabaseAccess (my folder) /build (created by npm) /public /src .env api-server.js (comes with starter supertokens app template) package.json package-lock.json If i were to directly deploy this to my public_html folder on my webserver, then all of my code would be visible on the internet. this is bad since 1) I dont want my app to be open source, 2) all of my API keys, passwords, etc are exposed. Any suggestions?