post delete callback
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is there a post delete callback for the backend? want to use it to synchronize with my api database
hey @zebleck there isn't one. But the delete function is also never automatically called anyway.. and since you have to call it, you can run your post delete logic right after.
hm, im calling the deletion in the frontend but need a callback in the backend so i can synchronize with my graphql API which has its own User table 🤔
how are you calling deletion from the frontend?
not implemented yet but i guess just like this
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import {deleteUser} from "supertokens-node";

async function deleteUserForId() {
    let userId = "..." // get the user ID
    await deleteUser(userId); // this will succeed even if the userId didn't exist.
right. So this will be on the backend - so after
await deleteUser(userId);
, you can run your post delete operaitons..
ah thought it will be called on the frontend, but yeah backend makes more sense i guess, thanks!