Next13 suport
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Hi, this is the most #603466164219281433 channel I can see. I just wanted to say I'm giving supertokens a look. My stack is nextjs 13 / react 18. I believe there are no real examples of supertokens using the new nextjs 13 app/ directory (vs. pages/), but plenty of libraries require the migration, not just supertokens. Hopefully that part won't be as difficult as what I expect to be the difficult part, which is configuring supertokens and understanding what I'm doing. I will say though that I chose supertokens after looking for days at all the alternatives. Because 1) you're very explicit about your algorithm (access and refresh tokens), 2) you support username/password, and 3) you have a free open source self-host option.
Hi @codingkriggs Currently we only support the old pages directory but we are working on adding support for the new app directory structure which should be out soon