# general


09/25/2021, 9:46 AM
1. Looks like I need to clone the supertokens-root repo first and run the "loadModules" first... that gets me the "supertokens-core" and "cloning "supertokens-plugin-interface and "utils" repos. 2. "./startTestingEnv --wait" gets completed successfully... 3. "./startTestingEnv" runs successfully. No tests failed. 400 odd tests are all PASSED. 4. "java -classpath "./cli/*" io.supertokens.cli.Main true install" requires lot of hacks. "./cli/*" does not have the expected jar. It is under "./cli/jar". Somewhere it complained about version.yaml not existing. Hacked it by copying version.yaml from docker machine... After fixing all the classpath problem, "supertokens list" works fine. But, "supertokens start" failed...