# general


09/22/2021, 12:36 PM
Just a helpful Next.js/Vercel protip for anyone who spent the last 48 hours perplexed by something very VERY trivial🙄 : Vercel's new environment variable setup does not require quotations for some URL vars. I began working with Supertokens early in the spring, and had a demo set up, running fine. I had my URL variables set, with quotes, using secrets only (how silly!). I recently ran some npm updates, and was stuck with a blank screen, no redirection to /auth, etc. -- had no idea what the issue was. tl;dr; creating a fresh project and troubleshooting this issue got me back where I needed to be, ready for launch. Hope this saves someone else a few headaches.. Also, much love to the Supertokens team! Glad to see the progress (and node.js support!) going on over the Summer.