Thank you very much, appreciate your help! So to ...
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Thank you very much, appreciate your help! So to summarise, for a serverless(ish) multi-tenant (user pool per tenant) solution: * Front-end template can be adjusted to submit another form-field for tenantId * Backend
can be extended to get
etc based on the tenantId passed in * Core needs at least one instance per tenant, but can share a DB server (e.g. aurora serverless) in order to reduce surplus infrastructure, if each uses a DB table named after the tenantId Possible Feature Requests If I may be so bold, and if the "user pool per tenant" architecture is something you're interested in supporting going forward, the following additions to SuperTokens would really help: In an ideal world, it would be great to be able to get the Core into a Lambda too, and have it capable of having a single core deal with multiple tenants. E.g. dynamically switching the table based on an optional request header, or similar. From a similar perspective, the ability to have a dynamoDB integration rather than mySQL would be great from an AWS serverless perspective, due to not having to have a MySQL server running at all times