# general


05/14/2021, 7:55 AM
> Does supertokens Sessions provide just an API for login and logout? Like how Firebase Auth does? I'd ideally want a solution where I could just use a function like supertokensInstance.signInWithEmailAndPassword(). For this, please follow our emailpassword recipe. You will get a UI on the frontend + APIs exposed on the backend + httpOnly cookies session management with a few lines of code. See > Why is SuperTokens for React different from the Plain JS package? AFAIK they provide the same functionality. Unless the React package auto-generates views (/auth/login)... There are two frontend libs: - supertokens-website: This is a plain JS lib that is used only for session management. - supertokens-auth-react: This is a react specific lib that renders React login components on your website. It also does session management (by using supertokens-website.