Hello everyone, earlier this week we moved our sys...
# general
Hello everyone, earlier this week we moved our systems in Off Script (https://offscript.io) to use Supertokens with Hasura. We've decided to open source our implementation. You can find the full source code here: https://github.com/offscriptio/hasura-supertokens And a docker image here: https://hub.docker.com/r/offscript/hasura-supertokens This implementation supports: - SuperTokens self-hosted or cloud: just need to set up in the environemnt variables - RBAC (Role based authentication) out of the box: no need for custom setup as long you have a role field in your user database. - Custom session variables: requires tinkering with the source, but we'll push an update soon showing how we've done it. We've built this on NodeJS 14, Typescript, Fastify, ESBuild and of course, GraphQL. Any tips, insights or complains just send me. This is field tested and we are running this on production (with a few more features due to specific needs). What's next: - Write down a tutorial on how to use it. - Add more details instructions on how to return custom session variables. - Keep improving it. Big thanks to @User for supporting our team along the way. 🍻