Hi, I am still a little bit puzzled how supertoken...
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Hi, I am still a little bit puzzled how supertokens will work with multiple instances. I have two AWS EC2 instances, one in US and on in Europe. Route53 directs user request to the instance which is closer to the user location. US users most likely will hit US instance and most of the world will hit Europe instance. Europe instance has master mysql database, requests coming to Europe instance read and write to master database on the same instance. Requests coming to US instance reads from slave database on the same instance, but writes to Europe instance master database (Laravel DB config, read/write DB hosts are different). Question: how to setup supertokens on US instance? Do I have just change configuration file and point to master database on Europe instance? From what I understood if blacklisting is disabled, supertokens won't query database on every request. Is it the case? As I don't want to query master database for US user request where only read DB functionality is required (GET requests). Thank you