# general


03/24/2020, 1:41 PM
So we prefer to keep using cookies even for RN since that allows you to use the same auth system for a website (if you choose to build that in the future). If we use a non-cookie based method for RN, then you will have to build another set of APIs just for a website (in which you should use cookies). The issue with RN (which they claim to have fixed in the latest unreleased version), is that it doesn't handle cookies properly by default. To fix this, we are using our iOS / Android native library and building a RN wrapper around that. You should have no issue with using that in your project. The reason we have a sign up for an open source project is so that we can quickly make the product better by talking to people, like yourself, who use our solution. Sign ups help us get in touch easily, and also help us to give you an amazing implementation experience. Over time though, we want to remove the sign up for our open source version and just keep it for the paid version.