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08/21/2019, 6:47 PM
Hey SuperTokens! I have a question about a problem im encountering when using an external SDK for Voice, Video and Chat. My problem is this: I need to use IM and Voice chat in my app. So I think Ill use a service called ConnectyCube. They basically provide a real time messaging SDK for RN. However in their docs ( they say:
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Every user has to authenticate with ConnectyCube before using any ConnectyCube functionality.

When someone connects with an application using ConnectyCube, the application will need to obtain a session token which provides temporary, secure access to ConnectyCube APIs.

A session token is an opaque string that identifies a user and an application.
And I think this might collide with my SuperTokens, which I am 100% set on implementing. So I emailed them and they came back to me with this My Q:
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ConnectyCube has its own Authentication system that users have to go through. I however have developed an app with its own very specific Authentication system and I thus dont want to use the ConnectyCube authentication. nor store users passwords in ConnectyCube. Is this possible?
Their Answer:
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Yes it is possible, 
You can use ConnectyCube User as an opaque User, with only ID field set. The rest you can store at your own DB.
We have a Custom Identity Provider mechanism for it.
Can you make sense of how one would use supertokens authentication when using an external SDK?