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06/08/2022, 4:36 PM
@rp , Hi, I have another one issue in thirdpartyemailpassword. I post endpoint /user/email/verify/token and then get an error of supertokens core: "code":422,"message":"SuperTokens core threw an error for a GET request to path: '/recipe/user' with status code: 400 and message: Please provide one of userId or email\n". I have 9.2.3 version of SDK, so what is wrong with this recipe? P.s. In my variant with thirdpartyemailpassword there are Accept header with application/json in request and content type application/json in response and it throws the error. If I replace thirdpartyemailpassword to email password - headers are the same, but it works. So the problems inside of API, I suppose.