hi everyone, I am trying to override the api on th...
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hi everyone, I am trying to override the api on the 3rdparty+emailpassword as shown in the example: https://supertokens.com/docs/thirdpartyemailpassword/advanced-customizations/apis-override/usage specific I want to prevent a user signing up with the same email they already used for google sign in. for that I need to override the
method (as I understand) the thing I am not sure about is how to query the db about a user with a specific email. I found this code in the source:
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params = {
            'email': email
        response = await Querier.get_instance("random").send_get_request(NormalisedURLPath('/recipe/user'), params)
        if 'status' in response and response['status'] == 'OK':
            return User(response['user']['id'], response['user']
            ['email'], response['user']['timeJoined'])
however it doesn't return the user I expect to find