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11/14/2021, 4:27 PM
hey @User so there are two types of overrides in the backend SDK: - API override (Which you have done for the thirdpartyemailpassword recipe) - Function override (which you have done for the session recipe) Now the API for signInUpPOST is doing two things (as you would expect from an API of this kind): 1) Signinup or signing in a user 2) Creating a new session for them What you want to do is override the functions ( - signInUp function -> for social login sign in / up - signUp function -> for email password signUp In both the overrides, you want to call their original implementation, check the response from that, and then add the user in your db post that. After your overrided function has returned, then the
API will continue to create a new session, during which your query to your DB will be able to find the user.