Hey guys, I've been playing around with the supert...
# support-questions
Hey guys, I've been playing around with the supertokens apis for the past few days and I have a few quick questions for you... 1) I've noticed that when I call init() on the 'supertokens-website' import, that if my api is slow to respond on the
requests, the browser will continue to call the endpoint in an infinite loop until it receives a response. Is this behavior configurable at all? I would think that successive requests to
should at least wait for the first to resolve, no? 2) In looking at the code, I've also noticed that the default behavior for the 'supertokens-website' SDK is to override the native fetch method on the window object so you can automatically have auth headers/refresh functionality baked into every request to the configured api domain. While I can understand why you went that route, I think it's a generally unfavorable precedent to set, and I don't like the idea of foreign javascript rewriting native methods on the window (particularly something as sensitive as fetch)... Since you already offer axios interceptors, is there a way to disable the native fetch overwrite behavior if I don't want to opt in?