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06/06/2021, 6:49 AM
Thank you, I redirected the requests to the apiDomain. But this makes it easier for future. Apologies for the late reply. > - Is this the sub domain of your API's sub domain? Or is it a totally different API domain? This was for the apiDomain itself. > - Have you correctly configured CORS for this domain? The CORS is same for every requests, the cookies were getting attached to other requests but not these. I just imported Session in the component and obtained the userId in the frontend. Odd thing that happened was how just getting the userId in the component using
solved the issue. I didn't even use the userId in the request itself but the cookies started getting attached with the request. > Is this domain https, and is the secure flag in cookies https? Yes, https. > - Is there any output on the browser console when querying this domain? No there wasn't. I will check once again and let you know. > - What is the status code output of the API when you query? 200? 401? I was trying to obtain the userId in the backend and was returning an error status of 404 if the userId was null.