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@User > does your frontend react sdk just make an api call on it's own? Yes. It makes API calls to the
value you have provided. > your node js sdk just creates REST endpoints on its own? Yes. You need to use our middleware which will expose these APIs that are consumed by the frontend widgets we provide. > I am using graphql with apollo-server, can I use your product? Can I make it work as I want it? Yes. You can. > And just get the access_token and refresh_token and let your SDK handle the verification of email/forgot password part? Yes. If you have a specific question about this whilst going through the docs or implementing, please ask. We will provide a graphql example soon. > is it possible to call a custom function after user has reset their password? And also same for email verification? We don't have a postResetPassword callback (but we can add this feature very quickly). We do have a post email verification callback: https://test.supertokens.io/docs/thirdpartyemailpassword/common-customizations/email-verification/about#doing-operations-post-email-verification