hey @everyone ! A few new features & docs changes...
# new-releases
hey @everyone ! A few new features & docs changes: - 1) New docs for custom UI! If you visit our recipe docs now, you will see two sections "Quick setup with Pre built UI" and "Using custom UI". The custom UI section guides you through all the flows that you need to implement for the chosen recipe. - 2) A new migration API which allows you to directly import password hashes into SuperTokens. Checkout our new migration docs for the recipe you are interested in. - 3) IP whitelisting for managed service (paid tier feature): You can now specify list of IP address of your backend servers which are going to query the core. The core will then accept requests only from those IP addresses. This safeguards against misuse of the core API key. - 4) Core error alerting for managed service (paid feature): Get alerts when the core throws an error - very useful during debugging and for uptime alerts. To get access to the two new paid features, please visit your supertokens.com dashboard, and click on the "i'm interested" button on the banner on top.