Does protected endpoints need some extra configura...
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Does protected endpoints need some extra configuratoin for JWT? Because I have JWT enabled (, but a curl test on the endpoint does not work, e.g.:
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async def get_session_info(session: SessionContainer = Depends(verify_session())):
  return true
Verify_session doesn’t work with jwts. It’s meant only for session management verification from the frontend
For JWT Verifciation, use any standard JWT verification lib
Does that mean I can not make one endpoint available for both authentication methods? (either one?)
You can. You make make your own middleware which tries both the verification methods
verify_session takes a config which allows it to return none in case a sesion doesn’t exist. So if it returns none, try for normal JWT auth. And if that fails too, reject the request
ohhh okay thanks @rp sounds like a nice feature 😄