hi team, i need help on integrating auth support o...
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hi team, i need help on integrating auth support on my nextjs app : - i want entire app to be locked by auth, but doing it so via _app makes an infinite loop - my app needs to be so that only an admin can create a new user - no thirdparties - i have trouble connecting a local instance of supertokens to my database, i only managed to make it work with the docker image (and my ip address changes so i have to run a new container everytime 😅 ) i'm trying to follow the blog post on custom frontend, but it's for thirdparty logins, thank you very much for your help
Hi, - You should not wrap /auth in a supertokens auth component, I'll check if there is an easy way of achieving this. - You can disable APIs (signUpPOST in this case) like this: https://supertokens.com/docs/emailpassword/advanced-customizations/apis-override/disabling - You can use the email password recipe in this case: https://supertokens.com/docs/emailpassword/quick-setup/frontend - What kind of trouble are you having? Is the DB and the ST Core running on the same machine? You could check this out, it may help: https://supertokens.com/docs/emailpassword/quick-setup/database-setup/postgresql
on the first note: you could try wrapping the page component in
only if the user is not on a path beginning with
To lock your entire app in auth, surround all your routes with the auth wrapper for the recipe you use.