hi, i am trying to integrate supertokens passwordl...
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hi, i am trying to integrate supertokens passwordless sign in up with flutter. Is making a http call to the backend according to the FDI in https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/supertokens/FDI/1.13.0#/Passwordless%20Recipe/passwordlessSignInUpConsume a correct way to implement it?
hey @uno
yes. But first you need to make a call to the create code API which will send an email to the user with the OTP. Then when the user types in the OTP in your app, you need to call the consume code API
One quick note -> our flutter SDK is not fully upto date yet to work with the session recipe. So im not sure if it will work. But you can try. If it doesn't work, there are alternatives in which you can override the backend APIs to issue a JWT which you can easily store in your app, and send on each request for verification. Lmk if you would like details on that
ok. let me try and see if that works. thank you!