I was looking through the issues on github and fou...
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I was looking through the issues on github and found this one: https://github.com/supertokens/supertokens-core/issues/320 It looks like AD is not yet supported. But when I look at the changes of this pull request, it looks like maybe AD was implemented? https://github.com/supertokens/supertokens-node/pull/213/files Can anyone tell me more about this?
hey @User
We do have partial support for AD (a single tenant only)
But you can customise your way through having multi tenant support for AD
There are no docs for it at the moment, so it would be easiest to explain it via a call.
would that work for you?
I think it would? I haven't tried supertokens yet though, so no hurry at all. I was looking at the feature set to look if it was an option for us. So that's when I started looking for AD-support
I think I'm gonna try to setup an api with NestJS - MikroORM - SuperTokens maybe next week or so. If I can get that to work, your help on AD-support would certainly be much appreciated!
Though, I think we only use one tenant? Tenants are always a bit confusing for me. We have multiple customers that use AD for login, but only on one auth on our side. So that's one tenant then right?
For your information; we currently use node-oidc-provider and have implemented AD-integration ourselves
That would be multiple tenants from AD’s point of view. For which you will need to do a bit of customisation (I can help with that on a call!l)
You can book a call whenever you feel like it. The link is on our site
Ah oké, I see
Thanks for your fast responses by the way! I'll have a look into it soon and report here how it goes