Hi again, another day another question. Right now ...
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Hi again, another day another question. Right now I am testing with Apple thirdparty authentication and using the same payload that I have used with facebook, github and google. Payload consists of redirectURI, thirdPartyId, authCodeResponse.access_token.. But interestingly when I post the payload to /api/auth/signinup to with
"thirdPartyId": "apple"
this is the response I get:
{"status": "FIELD_ERROR","error": "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'header')"}
Can you give an example to Apple recipe /signinup payload in order to make it work properly?
Can you send a screenshot of the full request?
Are you passing a valid id_token?
This type of error happens when the id token being passed is somehow not a valid token
I am passing the identityToken I get from Apple auth.
Hmmm. This seems about right. Can you open an issue about this on our GitHub? We can have a look at it on Monday
ok will do that
Ok it was due to my mistake, I was using service id instead of the bundle id for the app at the node backend. It is all good now, thanks for the pointers.