Hello. Does it make sense that my /auth/signinup/c...
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Hello. Does it make sense that my /auth/signinup/code route works but the /auth/verify is a 404? I'm trying to implement a passwordless login with a magic link
I activated debugging and I see something like this: middleware: requestRID is: undefined
auth verify route not matched
I'm trying the API with curl manually for some reason
I guess something is strange with my express setup
I do get the rid "passwordless" in req.query in a debug middleware I wrote
it also writes "Checking recipe ID for match: passwordless" so I guess the recipe is registered
oh I think I realize it now, the magic link is to a frontend route
and I did something funny with both backend and frontend on the same route as i'm using the same host for serving both
Hey @zngb
We do not expose a /auth/verify route
The list of APIs exposed by the backend SDK can be found here: https://supertokens.com/docs/fdi