What is the scope of email feature(currently and i...
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What is the scope of email feature(currently and in the near future roadmap)? There's already an email service in my app used for other emails, should I use that or use the one provided by SuperTokens.
So we are going to release a new module to send emails: - The default method will use our APIs and send emails from no-reply@supertokens.com email ID - You can configure your own SMTP server setting in the backend SDK and it will send an email using that. You can change the email's subject, content etc with this method. - You can completely override how email is sent and use any method you like. In the future, we will enhance our own email sending service to allow domain verification and changing of email templates on our dashboard.
For immediate use, I would suggest that you use your existing email service. Here are a few templates that you can copy from: https://github.com/supertokens/email-sms-templates
I think, even in future I'd continue using my own email sending service as I would want to keep the process/structure for all the emails same instead of having a different process to send auth emails vs other emails
by process/str. I mean * The fn I call to send email * The email queue I use * The email service provider I use etc.
Fair enough.
That’s your choice 🙂