11/20/2022, 2:09 AM
Hi! Been away for a while. I took a look at SuperTokens today and noticed a number of changes. Very cool! This leads me to a few questions, but let me just ask two general ones here: 1) Is there a place (like a change list) where I can find a list of recent changes? I find the Discord to be a bit nonlinear for this purpose. 2) I noticed the new User Dashboard. That is cool! Is there a reason why the User ID is not shown? I would really like to be able to see that to associate with the username / email address.


11/20/2022, 3:06 AM
Hey @engin
You can see the Changelog on GitHub for the relevant SDKs you use
The userId of a user is shown when you click on them and visit their details page. This feature is available in the node SDK backend at the moment and will be released next week for golang and python SDK (in case you are using that)


11/20/2022, 3:20 AM
Oh yeah, cool! I updated and now I see it. (My version wasn't updated to the latest, sorry.)