Sorry, I have another question, we have looked int...
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Sorry, I have another question, we have looked into using your SAAS solution, however you only offer AWS and for RGPD / European law concerns we are forbidden to store user data in AWS (or any other american enterprise). Do you plan to propose other hosters? Thanks 🙂
hey! You are not allowed to store in AWS even if the RDS instance is in Ireland?
hey! So even if the data is stored in an RDS insatnce in Ireland, is that still not allowed?
According to the legal team unfortunately not 😦
oh wow.. that's strange
im afraid the only option you have as of now is to self host the core
we do plan on allowing you to connect to your own db even if we are hosting the core for you, but that will be in an expensive tier that we plan on rolling out eventually.
we can have a custom thing just for you at the moment where we allow the core to connect to your Db, but we can discuss how that would work on a call - would you be open to doing that?
I'll check with our CTO to see which solution he thinks is best and I'll get back to you, thanks for your answer 🙂