Dear Supertokens support, We are using React + Ne...
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Dear Supertokens support, We are using React + Next.js. Question - is it possible to sign in using Supertokens without rendering a corresponding form? F.x. using a function, something like
signIn(email, password)
called from within a component. Similarly to how you can use the
function? Thanks a lot, BR, Yuriy
Hey @yuriy. Yes that is possible. Just done render our components on your app’s render function. Each recipe has several functions exposed that you can use in your UI. For example, there is EmailPassword.signIn(..) and so on
The docs for this are a little lacking, so feel free to ask questions
Thanks a lot, @rp! Do you maybe have a code snippet I can look at when it comes to using
? Implying that we have f.x. our own form for signing in.
It’s a vue example app but uses all the functions that you would require for your own custom UI
also, it used another SDK. But that exposes all the same functions as supertokens-auth-react
In fact, the auth-react SDK is built using. Web-js sdk