Hello, I have a doubt regarding multiple instances...
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Hello, I have a doubt regarding multiple instances on the supertokens core running at the same time? I'm looking at the self-hosted version, and was wondering if I have 3 docker containers running the supertokens core and pointing to the same DB does this create an issue or can I have as many containers running as I need. This is for a High Availability simulations on my side. The full use case is for example putting all my core instances behind a load balancer so I don't have a single point of failure.
Hey @mklovin
Each core is stateless and you can run as many as you like connected to the same db
You don't even need a load balance in frontend since our backend SDK queries them in a round robin. You just have to give the connection URI in the following format:
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this means I could even have all cores behind a single DNS entry and provide that to the backend sdk, so that bringing up new container instances is transparent for my application?
yup. You can
Thats what we do for our managed service offering for scaled production users.
thanks! good to know that I'm heading in the right direction