Does Supertokens do any phone number normalisation...
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Does Supertokens do any phone number normalisation? It appears not. I made an account with [country code]0[rest of number], and when I logged in with the same number but without the zero, it created a new account πŸ€”
This could be a nice feature πŸ˜„
We use phonenumberlib to do the normalisation part. And that lib follows the international standard for phone number format
But feel free to open an issue about this and we can have a look
Does it do it for
I'm now just setting the phone number on the user directly
If not I can normalize it before, no problem πŸ˜„
Ah right. No. It doesn’t. It does it only in the API call when a user signs in or signs up.
You will have to normalise the phone number yourself before giving it to that function
gotcha! I'll use the same lib πŸ‘