Hello, great first impressions with supertokens an...
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Hello, great first impressions with supertokens and has the right features and direction. I see that account linking isn't implemented yet. Just to clarify accounts created via email + mobile otp passwordless will not be able to be linked with the ones created via social login, correct? In that case, if I start with passwordless and then once account linking is implemented and then turn on social login, can the accounts get linked or I might have to run a custom migration?
Hey @indy
Right now, no accounts created via different login methods can be linked.
Once we have the feature, you will have to manually link the existing accounts using our SDK functions and also merge existing data from the accounts that are being linked.
Any future sign ups will auto merge accounts to existing accounts though - so no action needs to be taking for them
Alright, thanks for clarifying 🙂
Great stuff!
An idea is that for now, you could implement account deduplication with supertokens so that users can sign up with the same email using different methods
So that when we have account linking, you can enable that instead and no migration will be required
Thanks for that!