hey, question. Right now I have an instance of `su...
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hey, question. Right now I have an instance of
that's under auth.domain.com. That's it's sole purpose. Now, I have another service, let's call it API, that I need to init supertokens-node into for API route session verification and such. While looking into the sourcecode of
I saw that the init config the
is not optional. I don't want any ST apis on this service, all I want is to .init() it, point it to core and be able to validate requests. Should I just add the Session recipe and nothing else? Will that work? Thanks
Hey @legolas8911 yea. You would need to initialise all recipes that you intend to use in the server.
But you need not add the middleware to that server.
sorry for the late reply, forgot to turn on Discord notifications. So if I just want to use verifySession, I only need the Session recipe, right?
managed to get it working with just
in recipe list, didn't need to init the 3rd parties as well. Had to add the empty object because of TS but that's ok. Thanks