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@rp the dashboard page with users does't open. not for the supertokens cloud service, nor for local development
Hi @mib200 , Does it give you an error?
Or a 404
If its a 404, make sure to initialise the dashboard recipe
I did, it just doesn't open up
I can't see any working example in github as well
Can I see the backend config
although dashboard recipes have been initialised there, but the dashboard doesn't open
I can share, but if you have any working github example, I would be able to confirm right there
coz none of them worked for me
@nkshah2 so the app is at 3000 and api at 3001
?what would be the url for the users dashboard
perhaps I am using the wrong url
connectionURI: "https://try.supertokens.com",
@nkshah2 surprisingly this one is working
it was a api path prepend issue
in config
thanks for your help 🙂
Glad you got it working