Hey everyone!! Yesterday, we released our new webs...
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Hey everyone!! Yesterday, we released our new website. The previous website was in existence since mid 2021 so it was time for a revamp. We'd love to hear your thoughts and how we can make it even better and sleeker Check it out! 👉 SuperTokens.com
Awesome! Was the update only to the home page?
Yes... So far.. Stay Tuned for the rest 😉
😍 😍 😍
Quick high level... I can give more thoughts later (unless they're undesired 😅). **Edit**: This isn't high level anymore. lol. This is probably most of my comments. At least, it's my first impression. I think the overall design looks nice! Colors are pretty. There's more information about what SuperTokens offers. It's really neat! However, I do find all the animations and effects across the site a little overwhelming. 😅 It pains me to say that because as a web dev I've been there before where I want to put all the really cool/fun effects in. And those take effort. But for UX, too many effects can be distracting. In some cases, all the action here slows my computer down. 😬 So the example UIs, for instance. When I'm trying to scroll the page, they all just rush past me. If I could horizontally scroll them at my own pace, I think that would be better. And I don't necessarily need to see every single UI, but enough to give me ideas for diversity (from complex to simple). In the
Everything you need.
section. The different features probably toggle too quickly for someone to read. I'm not sure what an "ideal" time is. But maybe 0.5s-1s should be the minimum (minimum, not max). I do like seeing the different features in different colors! ... The jumping icons and rotating boxes in the area are also a little distracting from what the feature description sentence is trying to show me. I think it's really nice having the command line setup animation, because it gives people an idea of how quickly the developer can be up and running. It might be beneficial to play the animation/video a little more slowly -- particularly during the options selection section -- so that the reader can immediately and easily see how many options are available right out of the box. And maybe consider having a slightly longer delay at the end of the animation before restarting it (so people know the animation end has been reached).
--- The testimonials are cool. And I think it makes sense to highlight the big commenters with colors, borders, etc. Very nice! The fact that they rotate is a distraction from reading the testimonials, though. I think users would have an easier time if the testimonials were just stationary. (I'm sorry! I know that probably took work!) This is actually one of the areas that really slows my computer down. **Edit**: I just now noticed there are 3 sets of testimonials. Maybe it would be helpful to put the controller that updates the list somewhere more visible? Maybe above all the comments, in the center? Idk.
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--> This is great to have so that people have more confidence in this great project you all are working so hard on! I don't think the icons need to bounce when hovered though (another distraction 😅). In the
Guides for Every Use Case
section, the threshold that a user is allowed to scroll before seeing the next example is actually a bit small. It might just be better to allow the user to click each option to see what it's capable of. Then they can easily control which option they want, instead of having to use super precision on how they scroll. Another option could be to (slowly) animate through the various options with a timer, and freeze the animation when the user hovers one of the guides. Up to you guys. (It might also be great if they linked to your docs.) Near the bottom, again it might be helpful to remove the bouncing on icon-hover.
--- I hope this is helpful. Not trying to be insulting or a downer. (And, of course, you can disagree with my thoughts.) I do really think the new site looks pretty. Just think some updates could help improve UX. Thanks for all your hard work!
Thanks for the extensive feedback @ITEnthusiasm !
Hi @ITEnthusiasm ! Wow! Thank you so so much for this feedback - it is very much appreciated. And apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We've shared all the feedback internally and will be working on it. For eg: we'll definitely be fixing the navigation of the "Guides for every use case" to make it clickable
All in all, glad you liked the site, your feedback on all the animations (distractions 😅 ) is positively noted
Happy to be of assistance! 😄 And very thankful for the work you all do on this project.
has been a big help for the app I'm trying to build out right now. 🙏🏿 No worries on the delay!