01/25/2023, 1:51 PM
Good morning. I'm getting CORS errors. I believe it is because it is not saving in API Gateway when I follow the "Enable CORS" section.
By Saving I mean, I get all of the checkmarks saying that the changes have been applied, but when I go back to "Enable CORS" again the form is back to what it used to be.


01/25/2023, 2:36 PM
Yeaaa. You may wanna ask aws support. Aws configs can be a real pain sometimes.


02/02/2023, 3:00 PM
Just wanted to update this in case anyone runs into this as well. Any changes you make through the aws console will be applied, they just wont appear on the console. I don't know why though 😅 . Instead if you want to verify, get your api (note you may have to run a different command if you're using a http api) :
aws apigateway get-rest-apis
once you get that copy the rest-api-id and run the following to get the resource id (if you followed the guide on for lambda then you should look for this */auth/{proxy+} *:
aws apigateway get-resources --rest-api-id <REST_API_ID>
once you get that copy the id and run the following to check whether changes have been applied:
aws apigateway get-method --rest-api-id <REST_API_ID> --resource-id <RESOURCE_ID> --http-method OPTIONS