Hey! Quick question. What are the resource require...
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Hey! Quick question. What are the resource requirements (memory, CPU) for a self-hosted supertokens-core server? We're looking to spin up a bunch.
Hey @meshguy
Using t2.micro instance (Aws) should be good enough to run one core.
And each core can easily support 50k MAU traffic.
we have a special circumstance where we would be spinning up many instances, so having very low consumption is key. T2 Micro still requires 1GB ram; we're looking for something crazy small, like 10MB RAM
Hmm. That’s probably not gonna be possible. 10 mb is way too little
You could maybe tune the jvm to get this to work, but im not sure. If you do get it to work, I’d be curious
Alternatively, we are working on multi tenancy where you can run one core for several apps (if that’s your use case). And then you could just run one core with 500 mb ram across all apps and effectively, per app, you would have less consumption
yes, multi-tenancy is the use case; we need to have multiple apps/subdomains, because we are building a single-tenant SaaS, so each user would have their own instance
could probably design in another way, but trying to figure out the simplest way right now
fair enough
Exciting, any rough idea when multi tenancy will be available?
1-2 months time