Hey, is it possible to add "temporary" roles to an...
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Hey, is it possible to add "temporary" roles to an user ? We would like to be able to add "super-user" role to a user that is only valid for 30 min for example. How would you do this ? Thanks!
hey @HHChift yes and no.
We do not have the concept of temporary roles, but you can add a role and then setup a cron job on your end to remove the role later on
thanks @rp
is it possible to see the date when a role was added ?
I could then for example on session creation remove all "such" roles ...
Hmmm. That’s interesting. We don’t store that info at the moment. So you would need to store that info yourself in your own db perhaps.
Or you could also use the user metadata feature to store that info where the “userId” is the role string, and the associated json contains the created time