Hey! I'm running into a problem with provider call...
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Hey! I'm running into a problem with provider callback URLs when trying to use the thirdpartyemailpassword recipe in a FastAPI app. The email/password sign up works, but trying to use a provider 404s at the callback step (e.g. 404 at
or apple or github). The providers are initialized following the docs (these ones: https://supertokens.com/docs/thirdpartyemailpassword/pre-built-ui/setup/backend). What am I missing?
Hey @meagan
What happens if you visit your website on the /auth url directly?
That is, don’t navigate to / first. Just directly enter the url for the sign in page of your site and hit enter
Do you get a 404 there too?
I do not - I am shown the sign in page
Hmmm. What’s the network tab show when you visit the callback page?
Hmm, I see a 200 for the initial /auth/callback call.
Hm, you know what, I had to do something funny with the auth page to get it to show as well, since we're kind of hacking this into an existing app and the front end is being hosted via Docusaurus.
Yep, putting a dummy page with the supertokens init in it in did it. Sorry to bother you 😅
im glad it worked out
Hi Meagan -- can you elaborate on what you did? I'm having a similar issue. I think it's a 404 I'm getting but either way my email auth works but ThirdParty does not. I'm using Next but hope there's some parallel
Got my issue working. Not sure why yet