Hi! In the docs there is "access token payload", "...
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Hi! In the docs there is "access token payload", "jwt" and "When using SuperTokens our default session management solution will suffice for most use cases. You do not need to use JWTs unless you want to." Is the access token not a jwt by default? It's unclear to me. Then, is the payload some custom format?
Hey @Dani
The access token is a stateless session cookie
But it’s a valid JWT
so the claims are synced by supertokens for me?
By supertokens
its not transferred in the payload
It is
The custom payload you add is added to our access token and to the JWT (if you have enabled the JWT feature)
I can modify the access token payload and store custom state in it. How is it stateless? To me it seems it works just like a jwt.
Yea it is similar to a JWT. When i said stateless, i meant that the verification of it is stateless.
I see. So the JWT part in the docs for if I wanted to parse/verify the access token with my custom logic, for example in an external service
If you don't have any external service, you don't need to worry about the JWT stuff and can ignore that entire docs section.