# general


07/25/2021, 6:57 PM
Ah I see, so the front-end and back-end can be deployed to an AWS Lambda, but the core is still deployed traditionally, via docker or similar. And one backend & core would be required for each tenant (or user pool, in the normal sense). I was hoping I would be able to set up in the following way: 1) Many front-end via AWS Lambda, one for each tenant, each with their own CDN / Domain (set up independently of supertoken). Submitting a hidden form-field or similar for a 'tenantId' 2) I adjust the backend
for lambda to grab the appropriate appInfo etc for the tenant, from a dynamoDB table I set up 3) There was some way to either namespace the records in the DB by tenant, have a table per tenant, or specify a table name in the
within the
on a per-request basis I realise the use case isn't too common though!