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@User > Does SuperTokens handle multi-tenancy in any way? In terms of the backend: You can run one supertokens core per tenant, and connect one backend node process to one core. You would hence need to have one backend node process per tenant as well. In terms of the frontend, it's pretty flexible in the sense that you can have one common login for all tenants or one per tenant. It seems like you would want to go with one login page per tenant, so that should not be a problem. > I assume we may be able to simply adjust the config.js to pull in relevant config data, though only if this is read in per-request rather than on lambda init. You can call the supertokens.init function when a requests, but how will you know who is querying in the first place (since you can't do session verification without calling the init function)? Will you be calling the init function based on the origin header in the request? > IF the dynamic config is possible, would the database still be an issue? E.g. needing a DB for each tenant? We don't have a tenant ID in the db schema. So you would need a separate db / scheme per tenant. > but some would also want authentication with their OAuth server. Is this something that's possible & documented? Yes. We can integrate with an Open ID connect provider via the authorisation code grant flow. See https://supertokens.io/docs/thirdpartyemailpassword/common-customizations/signup-form/custom-providers In built providers are google, fb, github and apple. But as said above, you can easily add any provider.