# support-questions


12/09/2021, 10:07 PM
Hey - just beginning to integrate supertokens into my vue.js app, and having some confusion about how to use the supertokens-website SDK properly. I was able to find the SDK reference, but it lacks details / context / examples about it's contents, and how to use it. Is there some recipe for non-react custom implementations that can help guide me? Also, I've integrated the supertokens-node express setup according to the react recipe demo, so I assume the supertokens-website SDK will communicate with the supertokens-node module on my backend automatically by hitting routes that are registered by the ST express middleware? Thanks in advance. Would be awesome to see a recipe on the site for supertokens-website vanilla implementations. Edit: scheduled call through website since there are additional, deeper questions I have 🙂