Hi guys, I want to implement password reset on ang...
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Hi guys, I want to implement password reset on angularJS, is there a way or do I have to do it on the backend side?
Hi @KalibCheil, Our backend SDK adds the password reset api route for you. On angular you will need to use the supertokens-website SDK and then call the API yourself. You can refer to the api spec here: https://supertokens.com/docs/fdi
Thanks for the info, but I have other question
Where can I find the token that I have to send in the body?
when I use the
end point
So the flow is: 1. Call the
API. This will generate a token and send a link to the user's email 2. When the user clicks the link it will open a page where the token will be in the query parameters of the URL
when I use
endpoint it doesn't send me an email
where can I configure that?
If user email exists in the supertokens user database, you might want to check the spam folder. In my case Gmail sends reset password emails from supertokens directly to spam.
It is no big deal though since you would be using a third party service in the production like mailgun anyway.